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The Laboratory of En Chu Kong Hospital (ECKH) employs 34 members of staff, including a director, 7 supervisors, 21 medical technicians, 3 nurses and 2 assistants. We process approximately 450,000 samples and deliver over 1,650,000 reports to patients each year. Meanwhile, we also accept test application from other clinics. The laboratory is divided into seven units, chemistry, hematology, microscopic examination, immunology, microbiology, blood bank and quality assurance.  


恩主公病院中央検査部では温力立主任(Dr.Li-Li Wen)を始め、7部門の各リーダー、21人の臨床検査技師が検査に当たり、3人の看護師が採血を補助し、さらに2人の書記が行政の補佐などを行います。この臨床検査部では生化学検査、血液検査(採血)、一般検査、血清免疫検査、微生物検査、輸血部門、そして品質マネジメント部門という七つの部門に分かれており、毎年450,000の検体検査をこなし、1,650,000の結果報告を提出していると同時に、他実験室からの依頼も受けています。


Our mission is to provide accurate and effective services for customers’ request, and continue to improve quality control of the laboratory. 




In order to maintain the highest standards, the need to continuously assess the quality of laboratory services, ECKH laboratory designed an intensive internal quality control system. We also participate in an external quality control program organized by CAP (American College of Pathologists), API (US Proficiency Institute) and TSLM (Taiwan Experimental Medicine Society). In addition to the annual audit of the government health authorities, the ECKH laboratory was successfully certified by the US COLA (Office Laboratory Accreditation Board) in 2007 to obtain ISO 15189 guidance. 


いついかなる場合も最高品質の検査を提供すべく、我々は厳格かつ精密な内部品質マネジメントシステムを立ち上げました。さらに我々は米国病理学会(CAP)、API(US Proficiency Institute) 、そしてTSLM (Taiwan Experimental Medicine Society)それぞれが実施する外部品質マネジメントプログラムに取り組んでいます。これら以外に我々恩主公病院臨床検査部は2007年付けでCommission on Office Laboratory Accreditation (COLA)によるISO 15189の認定を受けました。


On the basis of the architecture, we challenged the CAP's stringent quality control standards and applied for the Laboratory Accreditation Program (LAP) and successfully obtained LAP certification on April 22, 2013. In addition, the laboratory checks every two years and updates the CAP certification, April 22, 2019. In the future, all aspects of laboratory operations need to be addressed to ensure quality improvement, and the goal of this activity in the laboratory will continue to improve quality and reduce the time required to deliver health outcomes.   












2017 CAP inspection




Sidelights on Accreditation







服務內容(Service items)



Chemistry  生化学部門


Chemistry section provides routine biochemistry tests that encompass more than forty tests such as liver function, kidney function, blood sugar, electrolytes, and cardiac markers; and it also offers special biochemistry tests such as BNP and PCT.






Hematology  血液検査部門


Hematology section performs routine hematology tests about twenty-two items including blood cells count, WBC differential count, blood typing, and coagulation tests…etc.






Microscopic examination  一般検査部門


This section provides routine microscopic examinations such as urinalysis, identification of parasites, and FOBT.






Microbiology  微生物検査部門


Microbiology section examines routine bacteriology along with identifications and susceptibilities for pathogenic organisms isolated from patient samples such as urine, body fluid, feces, wound, and sputum through fungi culture, anaerobic culture, blood culture, Gram stain, and acid-fast stain.






Immunology  血清免疫部門


Immunology section primarily takes advantage of serum or plasma samples to test HAV, HBV, HCV, RA, tumor markers…etc. It also uses the molecular technology and the Immunofluorescence analysis techniques as diagnostic tools to test HBV viral load, HLA-B27, ANA, and Chlamydia Ag.


血清免疫部門では血清や血漿を用いた抗原抗体反応試験で、感染症や腫瘍マーカー、ホルモンなどを測定します。更に分子技術や免疫蛍光染色を使ったHBV-DNA、HLA-B27、ANA、そしてClamydia Agの検査も提供しています。




Blood bank  輸血部門


Blood bank section performs blood typing, routine antibody screening, and compatibility testing of donor blood and recipients before issuing blood transfusion; it also examines special tests such as antibody identification and Coombs test.


輸血部門では主に輸血する前の血液型検査や、一般抗体検査、ドナーと患者との交差適合試験を行います。また、不規則抗体の特定とCoombs testなども必要に応じて行います。




Specimen samplingservice hours       採血、検体受付時間帯
Monday to Friday: 7:30 am to 9 pm         月曜-金曜: 7:30 am to 9 pm


Saturday: 7:30 am to 12:30 pm           土曜: 7:30 am to 12:30 pm


Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed          日曜、祝日: Closed


Contact information


Phone(電話)::886 -2-26723456#7310 or 7325





工作團隊(Team Members)